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25 times thicker than gold plating, Gold Vermeil is a process of electro-bonding gold onto sterling silver.
In the Fire & Ice workshop we use 24ct gold enhanced with cobalt, giving a long lasting and durable quality to our Gold Vermeil jewellery.


We use 14ct Gold Filled chains and fittings.
The outside 20% of all Gold Filled chains and fittings is solid 14ct gold.
It is manufactured in the USA as a lower cost option for jewellery chains and jewellery fittings, but still has the same strength and durability as solid gold.


Fleurs d'Oranger 100% Pure Essential Oil

Product Code: Citrus aurantium var. amara, Morocco

Another Moroccan treasure, Fleurs d’Oranger oil comes from the blossoms of the bitter Orange tree and carries an intensely floral, citrusy, sweet aroma. The oil is extracted using enfleurage to extract the oil from the orange blossoms and this is the difference between this oil and Neroli Essential Oil where the blossoms are steam distilled.

Fleurs d’Oranger provides relief in alleviating grief, worry, fearfulness and withdrawal, especially when associated with nervous tension and restlessness. It calms, nurtures and uplifts, relieving over-stimulation and emotional distress.

This oil’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties makes it a useful oil for acne, ezcema, damaged and problem skin. It’s antispasmodic effect is useful for relieving muscular tension. 

Fleurs d’Oranger’s calming and uplifting qualities make it a soothing balm and tonic for both body and mind.

Use in the bath, shower, aromaburner, massage, direct inhalation, as a natural perfume (must be diluted), room freshener. 


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