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25 times thicker than gold plating, Gold Vermeil is a process of electro-bonding gold onto sterling silver.
In the Fire & Ice workshop we use 24ct gold enhanced with cobalt, giving a long lasting and durable quality to our Gold Vermeil jewellery.


We use 14ct Gold Filled chains and fittings.
The outside 20% of all Gold Filled chains and fittings is solid 14ct gold.
It is manufactured in the USA as a lower cost option for jewellery chains and jewellery fittings, but still has the same strength and durability as solid gold.


Manuka 100% Pure Essential Oil

Product Code: Leptospermum scoparium, New Zealand.

This oil has a sweet and gentle camphorous aroma.  It may be a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relief), anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-fungal.  It's useful for skin and muscle inflammation, scalp irritations, scar tissue, shingles, thrush, ulcers, pimples, minor wounds and abrasions.  Can be used safely at 100% strength directly on the skin.  Highly recommended for your first aid kit.
Use in the bath, shower, aromaburner, massage, steam and direct inhalation, compresses and direct application to the skin.


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