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Gold Vermeil is a process of electro-bonding a thick layer of gold onto sterling silver using electrolysis.
Here in the Fire & Ice workshop, we are using the most advanced products,
24 carat gold enhanced with cobalt to a thickness of 3 microns, which is 25 times thicker than gold plating.  This process produces beautiful, hard wearing and durable jewellery.



We use 14ct Gold Filled chains & fitting. 

14ct Gold Filled products are made from a 14ct Gold tube filled with alloy. 
It is manufactured in the USA as a lower cost option for jewellery chain and jewellery fittings, but still has the same strength and durability as solid gold. 


Moroccan Gold Essential Oil Blend

Product Code: Moroccan Gold EOB 10ml

Aromas of rich woody, spicy notes with a hint of deep floral undertones, this exotically sedating blend calms the nervous system in so many ways - stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. 

It's deep base notes relax brain waves - good for meditative practises like yoga, meditation, tai chi, before bedtime and any time you need to slow down the mind.

It's overall calming quality improves the mood, brings cheerfulness and is uplifting for body, mind and spirit.

This exotic blend uses essential oils of : Amber, Saffron and Sandalwood.

Use in the bath, shower, aromaburner, massage, or direct inhalation.

Caution : not suitable for pregnancy and nursing mothers.


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