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Aromatherapy Wellness - for today's challenges

Many of us are still experiencing challenging times from the Covid-19 impact on our personal and business wellbeing.  As we all work our way through the new challenges of today’s climate, we are confronted with a myriad of stresses and strains. 

Margy, our on-site Aromatherapist, has put together some “essential” aromatherapy oils to help ease your days of adjusting to new normals.  

 CALM : Releases anxiety, tension, overwhelm, depression, grief. A comforting blend during times of crises with a soft and gently sweet aroma.

CEDARWOOD : Releases stress, emotional build-up and anxiety. A powerful tonic for lifting your energy, grounding and calming an over-active mind. A masculine woody, sweet and slightly camphorous aroma.

IMMUNE TUNE : With anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, this blend can stimulate, support and protect your immune system. A warm and spicy aroma with herbaceous undertones.

 SLEEP WELL : Calm and relax your nervous system for better sleep. Relaxes an over-active mind. Invaluable for insomnia and other sleeping disorders. A soft, warm and comforting aroma with soft herbaceous undertones. 



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