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Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends are created by combining several essentail oils together to create specific effects.  The combining of essential oils creates a synergisitic action, enhancing and strengthening the action of each individual oil used in the blend.  

Our blends are highly effective and ready to use - see below for the many ways you can use essential oil blends in your daily life. Store away from sunlight and heat and keep out of reach of children. 

Aroma is one of life’s greatest pleasures, promoting relaxation and balance of body, mind and spirit.


BATH: 5-10 drops dispersed into a full bathtub. This is one of the most effective, easiest and enjoyable methods of absorbing oils through your skin. Some blends using rich dark coloured oils, such as Deep Relax Musk Mood, Sensual, and Tropixshould be mixed with 1 tsp of milk to disperse the oils effectively and this will avoid any stains in fibreglass bathtubs. One cup of Epsom Salts stirred into the bath water increases the absorption of the oils into the skin.

SHOWER: 2-4 drops on a wet cloth.  After washing, add 2-6 drops to your wet cloth, squeeze and press the cloth over your skin. Continue wetting the cloth and pressing onto your skin until the essential oil blend has dispersed. This is a beautiful way to naturally perfume your body and to enjoy the oil’s healing benefits. Use invigorating oil blends like Vitality or Clear Mind for your morning shower and relaxation blends like Balance, Rose & Jasmine or Zen for your evening shower.

AROMABURNER (Also known as Vaporisation) : 2-8 drops in your aromaburner bowl will add a delightful ambience to any room or environment.  Use therapeutic oils during winter to keep the atmosphere germ-free and relaxation, spicy or floral blends for welcoming guests to celebrations or simply for end of day relaxation. 

MASSAGE: 15 drops of essential oil blend to 30mls of carrier oil. Massage is another effective and pleasurable way of dispersing essential oils onto the body.  Massage increases blood flow and helps to eliminate toxic waste in the body as well as being a nurturing relaxing experience. For relaxation use Deep Relax Massage Oil or for easing muscular tensions use Muscle Ease Massage Oil.  
FOOTBATH: 4-8 drops dispersed into warm water.  Relieves tired aching feet. Use after work for 5-10 minutes, a footbath can do wonders to de-stress, revive and refresh you for the hours into the evening. Recharge essential oil blend is a perfect pick-me-up.

COMPRESS: 4-8 drops into a basin of water.  Add essential oils, soak a cloth in the water, lightly wring out and place over affected area. Use a hot compress for menstrual pain, boils, abscesses, muscular aches and a cold compress for headaches, sprains, bruises, back and neck pains.

STEAM INHALATION: 1 drop of essential oil to a bowl of steaming hot (not boiling) water, cover head and bowl with a towel, close your eyes and inhale the vapours deeply for several minutes. Use Breathe Easy for decongesting upper respiratory ailments or as part of a deep cleansing beauty treatment use Rose & Sandalwood essential oil blends

DIRECT INHALATION: 2-4 drops applied to collars, cuffs and tissues to carry with you during the day, inhaling the vapours deeply and regularly.  1-3 drops of Sleep Well essential oil blend on upper the bed sheet can assist with sleeping difficulties. 

DIRECT APPLICATION: 1 drop onto dampened end of cotton bud applied to the affected area. Use for burns, bites, cuts, pimples. Lavender, Tea Tree and NZ Manuka and Kanuka pure essential oils are the only oils that can be safely used directly on the skin.    


4-6 drops in pot pourii to revive its aroma.  

4-6 drops onto a cotton ball and place in drawers, closets and cupboards to leave a pleasing, lingering fragrance.  
4-6 drops on the vacuum cleaner filter leaves a refreshing aroma around the home. Use Deep Relax, Tranquil, Tropix, Musk Mood, Vitality.

6-10 drops on carpet corners as a room freshener.  Great for freshening up the holiday house, rooms with unpleasant odours and musty wardrobes. Use light colour essential oil blends like Calm, Clear Mind, Happy Heart, Harmony, Recharge, Rose & Geranium, Zen. 

8-10 drops into the last rinse cycle of the washing machine or the rinse water when hand washing delicates.

50 drops into a garden mist spray for use on garden plants to assist in repelling insects.  Use Bug Off Essential Oil Blend.

Use your imagination and enjoy bringing the uplifting aromas of essential oil blends into your daily life.

Therapeutic information supplied on this web site does not replace diagnosis or treatments by qualified medical practitioners.  The therapeutic uses listed have been gathered from reputable aromatherapy sources and are intended for educational purposes. Owing to the biochemical structure of essential oils, a small number of people may react differently to essential oils than expected.  It is for this reason Fire & Ice make no guarantees as to their effects and uses.  No liability will be accepted for misuse, abuse or different reactions to the oils.

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