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Our selection of tribal jewellery started as a personal collection of Margy's beginning over a decade ago with her travels through small Indian villages and her dedication to tribal-style dance forms.

Rajasthan is home to many of India's last nomadic and tribal castes, the culture of such traditional people being celebrated in the music, dances and jewellery of this region.  Rajasthan is also known as having a rich supply of silver and skilled silversmiths, their family lineages spanning many generations. The tradition of wearing wealth in jewellery is an important security and part of nomadic and gypsy life in Northern India and when the need arises, jewellery pieces are traded in for cash. When these old pieces are traded to the silversmiths, they will often melt down the silver and create new designs from the raw materials - hence the rarity of these collectable vintage pieces we now offer you.

Our collection of tribal jewellery contains rare vintage (antique) and contemporary silver jewellery worn by the tribal, gypsy and nomadic castes of Northern India.


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