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Paua shellfish is a variety of abalone that is indigenous to New Zealand's coastal waters. The fish is edible and considered a delicacy and the shell has traditionally been used in local craft and art work.

A special process is used to insert blisters onto the shell of the Paua to stimulate the growth of their distinctive pearls. The nacre layers grow over the blisters to produce the beautiful variety of colours. The pearls are harvested after several years of growth.

Paua pearls are sometimes  referred to as Blue Pearls, but as you will see, there is a large variety of colours ranging from soft to vibrant greens, pastel lilacs to violet blues and sometimes the pearls can show a stunning pink orient.

We are independent pearl buyers and source our pearls from several farms within New Zealand to bring you the best value Paua Pearls New Zealand has to offer. 

To look after your jewellery we recomend that sterling silver and gold jewellery should not be worn in thermal sulphur pools or pools containing chlorine. 

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